Alberto Sartori

Assistant Program Coordinator at MHPC MHPC

Module P1.1Scientific Programming Environment

Lecturers: Alberto Sartori (SISSA) Nicolas Salles (University of Nova Gorica)

Module Description: This course will introduce Unix-like operating systems, show how to setup the scientific programming environment in such operating systems. It will present the modern software tools required to provide such an environment and discuss important points like documentation and testing.


Module P1.3: Advanced Programming

Lecturers: Alberto Sartori (SISSA)

Module Description: Provide advanced knowledge of both theoretical and practical programming in C++ and Python, with particular regard to the principles of object oriented programming and best practices of software development (advanced use of version control systems, continuous integration, unit testing). 


Module P2.12: Build system tools and unit testing

Lecturers: Alberto Sartori (SISSA)

Module Description: 

research groups

  • Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications
  • mathLab
  • Research Interests: 
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Numerical Analysis


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