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Industry and academia throughout the world are suffering from a severe shortage of skilled personnel able to bridge the gap between the dynamic environments in IT and research/science. The MHPC aims to create a group of experts who have the hands-on training and skills needed to fill this gap, by providing students with a solid background in scientific computing approaches, algorithms, and modeling.

MHPC's innovative path provides the access to instant career opportunities on an international scale. The program features a strict connection with industry, both local and worldwide. The MHPC aims to fulfill the demand for professional experience in a production environment.

HPC vendors, IDVs and local companies are involved in the financing of fellowships and in providing industry-based HPC problems for final thesis.
Thanks to direct contact and the strong connection between industry and the academic environment, almost all MHPC students receive a scholarship to support them.

For this reason we aim to create a link between students and companies and we are able to offer three things in exchange for a scholarship:

  • a 6-month collaboration with MHPC team to optimize a specific problem of interest;
  • the training of an expert who can deal with it;
  • a network of opportunities in an absolutely niche area.

The Master fee is 7 thousand euros: companies and institutions offer to cover the cost of the Master plus a scholarship for the student (partial or total). The company or institution that will become a partner by supporting a student will be involved in the selection process and research of the ideal student, collaborating and contributing to the sponsorship of the scholarship on different channels.

After completing the specialization program, many students are included in the labor market as a continuation of the stage for the thesis. 100% of our former students work in their field of expertise in academia or industry (30% with permanent contracts).

Students will be selected on July and lessons will start on September: it would be great to have the parternships confirmed by the end of July!

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