Students' Projects

Student’s final projects represent the ultimate delivery of the master program. They are also the brightest representation of the program itself. They combine advanced computing technologies with scientific and industrial frontier applications. The applications range from: partial differential equations, mechanical and fluidynamical modelling, satellite data processing, neuroscience modelling, molecular dynamics. A detailed list of the projects follows.

Below the list of our projects.

Discrete simulation of DDN IME for architecture prototyping


Daniele Tolomelli

Objectives: Improving performance of the existing product IME by prototyping


Community and fraud detection within Genertel's customer network


Giangiacomo Sanna

Objectives: Model the customer network of Genertel into a graph, detect communities inside it, select and analyse "suspicious" communities among them


Large-Scale Implementation of the Density Matrix Renormalization Group Algorithm


James Vance


- Implement the DMRG algorithm for infinite one-dimensional many-body

  interacting systems

- Perform calculations for large number of states and final number of sites

- Enable the developed code to run efficiently on a Tier-0 world class

  HPC infrastructure such as CINECA Marconi A2-KNL


Improving the performance of Quantum Espresso


Anoop Kaithalikunnel

Objectives: GPU Implementation of the Quantum Espresso package, porting the diagonalisation libraries to GPU, investigation of new diagonalisation methods


OpenCL kernels on FPGA


Paolo Gorlani

Objectives: evaluate the usability and performance of FPGAs in HPC

Deep Learning for Nanoscience Scanning Electron Microscope Image Recognition


Cristiano De Nobili

Objectives: study, optimize and benchmark several deep learning architectures and techniques for image classification. Run and speedup them on different HPC tools and GPUs. Test different deep learning frameworks